Positive Life NSW

Positive Life NSW

(Community Recognition Statement, 6.24pm 21 November 2013, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I commend the strategic work and personal support provided by Positive Life NSW, which has spoken for and represented the needs of people living with HIV since 1989.


Positive Life NSW works to eliminate prejudice, isolation, stigmatisation and discrimination affecting all people with HIV. The group provides information and referral to experienced professionals and runs peer support programs. Its advocacy is aimed at improving access to treatments and reducing costs for people living with HIV as well as ensuring that the Government's plans include the needs of those directly affected by HIV. Recently I met with the executive officer and president of the group and was impressed with the thorough approach to the group's work. The new Positive Life NSW campaign, Choose Life, is a welcome addition to educate and empower people with HIV to make the best choices open to them for their future. This is particularly important when World AIDS Day again reminds us of the impact of this epidemic.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!