Poverty and Inequality

Poverty and Inequality

In Parliament, I called on the NSW Government to address the growing inequalities in wealth and income between the highest and lowest income earners that leave people stuck in entrenched intergenerational poverty.

Like homelessness, poverty can land on anyone; a civil society provides a strong safety net that supports those going through tough times. I called for social and affordable housing and supported accommodation for people with complex needs and access to early childhood education. Our schools must be up to date and teachers skilled and paid properly. We need adequate health programs for people with mental illness and substance use issues to remain part of our community, with jobs, families and homes, plus reforms to redress Indigenous disadvantage.

The NSW Government must be a strong voice with the Commonwealth to increase welfare payments, help sole parents transition into work and make sure childcare subsidies reach disadvantaged families. We must invest in TAFE vocational and second‑chance education, liveable wages and real jobs for those people being left behind by new industries and technology. Full equality and zero poverty may not be achievable, but we can do much better.

My speech: HERE

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