Powerhouse Museum Relocation

Powerhouse Museum Relocation

(Motion - Priority, May 1 2018, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Since the 1890s the Powerhouse Museum has had a presence at Ultimo. In fact, it was named after the Ultimo Power Station. I note that the Government is not moving the Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta; it is going to build a new Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences at Parramatta. The Ultimo museum will have a reduced presence. My concern and that of my constituents has always been that this campaign has sought to pit east versus west.

This campaign has been premised on taking something from the city and giving it to Western Sydney. As members well know, the Powerhouse Museum has an amazing collection and it should be shared across the State. The Ultimo site will now be a fashion and design museum, as well as a theatre.

I thank the Minister for the Arts for understanding the importance of keeping a cultural presence at the Ultimo site. We are still awaiting on the final details, but I share community concern about the development of the land that is to be sold in this, one of Sydney's most densely populated areas. I repeat that I will never support any policy that seeks to take something from one part of the State to give it to another, nor will I ever support any policy that seeks to pit one part of the State against another. Indeed, for some time now that has been the tone of the media campaign and the tone of some in the Government. I strongly support the campaign to retain the Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo and to ensure that we share its assets across the State. I also strongly support keeping a strong arts and sciences presence at Ultimo.


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