Preventing Homelessness

Preventing Homelessness

Last week I met with the Minister for Social Housing to push for coordinated outreach to boarding houses to identify vulnerable people in dire circumstances who should be prioritised for social housing.

Every year 4,000 prisoners are released into homelessness or unstable housing, making it difficult to get on their feet. In Parliament, I asked the Minister for Corrections to ensure all prisoners at risk of homelessness have access to homelessness services and leave with a plan for where they will live before they leave prison: HERE

I’ve asked additional questions in support of literacy and numeracy programs for prisoners in need to improve their chances in the job market and help them participate in everyday life: HERE

Rough Edges homelessness service in Darlinghurst is holding ‘Sleep Rough’ on Friday 26 October as part of Roughtober, raising funds for their service. You can take part and fundraise with friends: HERE    

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!