Private Rental Subsidy

Private Rental Subsidy

My first question in Parliament called for an increase in the Private Rental Subsidy, which has failed to keep pace with skyrocketing rents.

The Private Rental Subsidy is meant to cover rent in the private rental market for tenants with disability who are eligible for priority social housing but haven’t been offered a home. It is now so low - $769 for a two-bedroom home in the inner city – that it is impossible to secure a home.

Years of neglect have left a shortfall of over 50,000 social housing homes meaning those who are eligible linger on long waiting lists for years; it is even harder for those who need accessible homes.

The Minister responded that the Private Rental Subsidy would be considered as part of the need for rental reform, but there was no specific commitment. I will need to monitor and continue pressure on the government. My question > HERE

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