Proposed NSW Electoral & Donations Reform

28 May 2014

Proposed NSW Electoral & Donations Reform

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, has welcomed the Premier’s move to ensure all political donations are properly disclosed:

“I welcome the Premier’s move to ensure corporate donations over $1000 are disclosed. Without this legislation the public would never know about donations from the big end of town to the major parties”
“Following my meeting with the Electoral Funding Authority earlier in the year, I raised this matter repeatedly with the government, and it is good to finally see action”
“I will closely examine the bill to ensure mandatory disclosure of all donations over $1000”
With reference to the establishment of a panel to reform NSW campaign finance law, Mr Greenwich said:
“For this panel to have credibility in the eyes of the community, it must also consult closely with Independents and minor parties to ensure proposed reforms do not disadvantage those who often hold the major parties to account”.

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