Protect Native Forests

Protect Native Forests

I have a long history of opposing the logging of our native state forests including calling for a moratorium on native forest extraction following the Black Summer bushfires, for a planned phase-out with employment transition for affected forestry workers and for bans on using forestry ‘biomass’ to generate electricity.

The Natural Resources Commission and Environmental Protection Agency have recommended that native forest logging cease entirely or at least face tighter restrictions in bushfire affected areas.

We know that logging causes irreversible damage to ecosystems and wildlife and is contributing to the rapid decline in species like the east coast koala. While Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland have committed to ending this destructive practice, NSW continues to expand it.

Shockingly, native forest logging runs at a loss and is subsidised by the taxpayer Reports show state forests can generate far more income from their protection, through recreation, tourism and carbon abatement.

Sign the online petition to Parliament calling for immediate protection of high-conservation value forests by gazetting them as National Parks, a moratorium on public native forest logging, a plan to transition the native forestry industry to 100% sustainable plantations by 2024 and a ban on the use of native forests as biomass fuel to generate electricity > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!