Puppy Farm Bill

Puppy Farm Bill

Like former MP Clover Moore, I support a ban on cruel factory farms that breed large numbers of puppies and kittens to create an endless supply of cute animals for pet shops and classifieds.

These facilities have no regard for the welfare of the breeding animal and often breed animals with painful genetic health problems.

Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst has introduced a bill that would stop large‑scale, unethical puppy and kitten farms by capping female breeding dog and litter numbers. The bill does not ban registered breeders from operating. It targets backyard breeding through a traceability scheme so animals can be identified and investigated, providing further support for smaller breeders and protecting animals from cruelty.

I support the AJP bill and will introduce it in the Legislative Assembly if it passes the Legislative Council. Sign Emma’s petition calling for a ban > HERE

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