Pyrmont Action

29 July 2020

Pyrmont Action

(Community Recognition Statement, 29 July 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate, I wish to recognize the remarkable contribution of Pyrmont Action to the amenity and liveability of this precinct. Established in 2003 when Pyrmont was undergoing redevelopment with many new residents living in new buildings without established networks, Pyrmont Action began with a campaign to get adequate broadband infrastructure. Since then it has played a vital role in building community connections and ensuring that government agencies take residents' need and concerns into account. The group is a strong advocate for public transport to address the serious traffic congestion that result from Pyrmont's topography and location, and keen advocates for pedestrian links through Darling Harbour. Pyrmont Action has and continues to contribute to major planning and development like the Bank Street foreshore, Fish Market, Wattle Street depot and Bays Precinct visions and plans, and now the Pyrmont Peninsula Planning Review. They have worked with the City of Sydney to upgrade the Pyrmont Community Centre so it can cater to emerging community needs. I congratulate the active and engaged residents who contribute their time and skills to make their precinct a great place to live, work and visit.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!