Rainbow Crossing supported by Police, Destination NSW, and over 12,000 fans

Rainbow Crossing supported by Police, Destination NSW, and over 12,000 fans

Over 12,000 people from across NSW have joined Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, in calling on the NSW government to keep the Rainbow Crossing on Oxford Street. (Full petition details HERE)

Police and Destination NSW have also voice support for the crossing. This comes ahead of the NSW Government's pending decision on whether or not to enforce it's removal.


Mr Greenwich said it was critical the Roads Minister Duncan Gay allow Sydney to keep the crossing:

“NSW Benefits to the tune of over $30 Million dollars during the Mardi Gras Festival. Enforcing the removal an iconic tourist attraction that honours the LGBTI community would be a  short-sighted and mean spirited move.”

“In light of the footage of a policing incidents at Mardi Gras that made global headlines, we need to do everything we can to show Sydney celebrates our gay and lesbian community”.

Mr Greenwich said the crossing  has been recently used by Destination NSW in promotional material for Sydney, showcasing the crossing as a tourist attraction (details HERE).

Mr Greenwich dismissed Government comments about the alledged safety concerns of the crossing, saying they were not backed up by any facts or evidence. In contrasts, Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch spoke about the safety benefits of the Rainbow Crossing at a recent press conference saying:

"I think it’s fantastic. I'd like to see more of them trotted out across the city of Sydney. It's very, very visible, it looks great, and in terms of pedestrian safety it's a great innovation."

The fate of the crossing is expected to be decided by Minister Gay within days.

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 9360 3053

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!