Rehoming Animals

Rehoming Animals

Last week I proudly introduced a bill in the Legislative Assembly that would require pounds to advertise the animals in their care on their website or through social media, and reach out to rescue groups to see if they can be rehomed before they are killed.

Upper house Animal Justice Party member Emma Hurst developed the bill and we’ve worked together on this reform.

Cats and dogs are ending up in pounds at alarming rates and sadly thousands get killed every year. Last financial year, nearly 2,000 dogs and nearly 7,000 cats were killed in NSW pounds and this is less than pre-pandemic levels. Investigations by the Animal Justice Party found that many of these killings were ‘convenience killings’, based on a lack of resources, space or willingness to care for the animals.  

Animals give us so much and should be given the chance to find loving homes. Obligations on council pounds are minor and reasonable and with Emma I negotiated government amendments to secure support that further reduced council burden. The upper house now needs to vote on the changes but with support from the government, opposition and the Greens, it looks set to pass.

I congratulate Emma and the Animal Justice Party for this win that will save animals from death row immediately, and for their ongoing work to protect animals. I hope to see the parliament work collaboratively to help end animal cruelty in the future. My speeches: HERE.

I will also be sponsoring Emma Hurst’s bill to ban puppy farming if it passes the Legislative Council. Despite the thousands of healthy dogs going into pounds every year, puppy farms are churning out puppies on masse in appallingly cruel conditions to feed pet shops and classifieds with cute puppies. New puppy farms are being proposed across the state.

Make a submission on the NSW Parliament inquiry  HERE and support the Animal Liberation campaign opposing a facility on the Central Coast: HERE.

Animal Liberation is also continuing work on pound and shelter reform. For action, see: HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!