Religious Discrimination NSW

Religious Discrimination NSW

I’m extremely disappointed that the NSW Government committed to a religious discrimination bill with no detail. Changes proposed earlier this year could see adverse impacts on the LGBTIQA+ community as well as other vulnerable groups by making subjective religious beliefs a lawful reason to discriminate against others. It is not clear what approach the government bill will take but I am concerned given the push from some of the big religious institutions and the Parliamentary Friends of Religious Freedoms.

Any priority in anti-discrimination should aim to make schools safe and inclusive places and I will seek to amend any anti-discrimination legislation to end private schools’ power to fire LGBTIQA+ teachers or expel a student for coming out. See the Sydney Morning Herald report > HERE

One Nation also has a very harmful ‘Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill’ in Parliament, which would deny trans and gender diverse students’ existence at school, and prevent teachers from supporting them. It would also allow parents to withdraw children from classes or courses that are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ people. Use the Equality Australia link to send a message to government leaders opposing this mean and retrograde legislation > HERE.

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