Response to Latham Anti Discrimination Bill Report

Response to Latham Anti Discrimination Bill Report

(Committee Reports - Take Note Debate, 12 May 2021, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament) 
Response to Joint Select Committee Report on Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms and Equality) Bill 2020

Today is my nine year wedding anniversary to my husband. You’d think, that after the overwhelming result of the painful plebiscite, that I would not still have to fight for equality on this day. But I do, because of this bill and because of this report.

Under the Latham bill, and in line with some of the report recommendations:

Tonight when Vic and I got to dinner, our waiter could say “I’m not serving two poofs” and be protected under the “Folou’s law”.

If we decided to go away for the weekend to boutique hotel, upon arrival they could say “we don’t welcome your type here”.

If we decided to have kids, they could be bullied and expelled from school because the school didn’t like our "life style”, despite the fact that the kids would be star students, like their parents were.

Despite the clear and compelling evidence we heard during this inquiry, some committee members tried to say, "this wouldn’t happen", "it doesn’t happen". Well Mr Speaker, as the only gay person on the committee, it was tough to lectured to by straight people on discrimination.

It does happen, and LGBTQI+ people see it, we feel it every day, including today, my wedding anniversary.

The only comfort that I get from this report, is that it is so retrograde, that it is so disjointed as a result of ABSURD amendments, that it is totally unworkable for the Government.

No government that values fairness and equality, for all its citizens could support this and I EXPECT that of this Government. That this Government could never entertain such a betrayal of its LGBTQI+ citizens.

Colleagues, let’s get back to helping people, not harming them.

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