Ritz-Carlton Casino Tower

Ritz-Carlton Casino Tower

Star Casino’s 237-metre (61 storeys) residential and hotel monstrosity with 220 new car parking spaces is now on exhibition. The development breaches height and zone restrictions but because it is being assessed as a ‘modification’ to a previous Part 3A approval, the minister has discretion to approve it. This proposal betrays promises to the community when the casino was first approved that development would never exceed the height of the Pyrmont Power Station stack demolished for the facility. Changes fail to represent strategic planning for the region – this is ad hoc planning at its worst. While the tower podium will include a four-level neighbourhood centre with tech hub, library, community space and function centre, this does not counteract the gross proposed overdevelopment.

In Parliament I’ve called for removal of the remaining provisions that allow inferior assessment processes for developments approved under former Part 3A provisions and I previously asked the minister to treat this proposal as a new development, not a modification. I will assess the proposal closely and make a submission and I encourage you to do the same – please let me know your specific concerns.

Briefing sessions tonight 6.30-8pm, Saturday 25 August 9.30-11.30am and Thursday 13 September 6.30-8pm at the Display Centre opposite Black Bar and Grill. Details HERE.

My earlier submission to the gateway application is HERE.

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