Save Our Women's Services Petition

03 July 2014

Save Our Women's Services Petition

(Petition, 2 July 2013, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I commend the community campaign to ensure that homeless women with complex needs continue to receive specialist help. Save Our Women's Services [SOS] is now seeking to get 10,000 signatures for a parliamentary petition calling on the Government to keep these vital women's refuges operating. The SOS campaign was galvanised when service providers found out that new funding may result in the closure of specialist services. This would leave vulnerable women at risk and without the specialist help previously available. The refuges affected support women who are at risk of violence and mental health and substance issues. Their complex needs mean they need much more than just a bed. It is inspiring that so many people have such a strong sense of social justice and care about others enough to lobby for and to educate us all about those women in need. I look forward to contributing to the debate on their petition in the people's Parliament.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!