Saving Potts Point

Saving Potts Point

The Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay precinct was one of the first places in Australia to provide high density living and continues to house around 18,000 residents in a small region, mostly in studio and one-bedroom flats. The area houses a diverse mix of single people, LGBTIQA+ people, artists, creatives and city office workers who make it a vibrant place day and night.

ut what we love about Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay is under threat from a growing number of development proposals that seek to demolish the 20th Century art deco and modernist buildings, and replace studio and one bedroom flats with fewer larger luxury apartments.

Through the Potts Point Preservation Group, locals are advocating for protections of the 20th Century architecture, existing density, housing makeup and social fabric. They want heritage conservation that recognises the entire precinct’s value while enabling appropriate development. I took a delegation from the group to meet with advisors to the heritage and planning ministers who will get back to them about possible tools to do this. In Parliament I called on the government to work with the City of Sydney and the Potts Point Preservation Group to ensure the region’s housing stock, affordability and diversity is protected into the future.

My Private Members’ Statement > HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!