SCG Moore Park Takeover

SCG Moore Park Takeover

11 April 2016

Pressure is mounting on Moore Park with the government soon to confirm whether and how it will spend $1.6 billion on sporting stadia across the state. While the Premier responded to my question in Parliament that any stadium would occur on SCG land, there are mixed messages and the SCG Trust and sports minister are pushing to build on Kippax Lake and Centennial Park Trust land.

Meanwhile the SCG has released an artist’s drawing of its planned rugby and sports science building on the Gold Members Car Park. The new lease arrangements for this development were hidden in statute law – usually reserved for ‘routine clean-up’ legislation. In response to my opposition the minister promised to work with me to address concerns but he hasn’t responded to my letter requesting a meeting with affected residents.

I intend to introduce a bill in Parliament shortly that would ensure development on SCG land goes through an open and transparent environmental assessment.

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