Schools Update

Schools Update

Monday 19 June 2017

The Department of Education is developing a planning proposal for the use of part of Wentworth Park for a temporary Ultimo Public School, while the existing school is demolished and a new facility built. The school will continue on the current site until the temporary facility is ready. Information is HERE.

The design for the planned high rise Cleveland Street Sydney high school has been released and it will not overshadow Prince Alfred Park or adjacent residents, and will retain heritage buildings and key views. There will be new open space and some community facilities, information HERE.

We won’t get details of the school catchment and how enrolments will grow until 2018 with the new school due to open in 2020, eventually to have 1,200 students. The detailed proposal is being prepared for exhibition HERE

The education department is building a new facility for the Cleveland Street Intensive English High School adjacent to Alexandria Park Community School.

I’ve asked the Commonwealth Minister for Education to fund schools based on need according to the 2011 Gonski ‘Review of Funding for Schooling’. Federal funds are vital for all schools, my letter is HERE.

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