Sexual Consent Reforms 2021

Sexual Consent Reforms 2021

(Bill Consideration in Detail Debate, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

I support the member for Newtown's amendment and I support all of The Greens amendments. I acknowledge the significant work that the Attorney‑General and his department have done on this piece of very important legislation, which I support, and I also acknowledge the work of members across the Parliament. I particularly thank the member for Newtown for the stakeholder consultations she has done. A number of those stakeholders have contacted me expressing their support for the entire suite of amendments put forward by the member for Newtown, including organisations like Domestic Violence NSW and the Aids Council of NSW. The member for Newtown's amendments seeks to make sure that this is strong, modern and inclusive legislation. I support this amendment and the entire suite of amendments. I commend the member for Newtown for her work on this.

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