Share and Delivery Bikes

Share and Delivery Bikes

I’m getting lots of complaints from people about food delivery bike riders and share bikes blocking footpath access and putting pedestrians at risk.

While riding bikes on the footpath is largely illegal, police must witness riders breaking the law to give warnings or issue fines. In response to my requests, local police commanders have asked people to report hot spots and times so they can plan operations to get the best effect. Report to Crimestoppers to help get enforcement > HERE.

Rolling out a network of separated bike lanes is a part of the solution because they ensure bike riders can travel without the fear of being hit by cars. I will continue to advocate for safe cycling routes and greater funding for active transport including walking and public transport.

There are limited laws to prevent share bikes being left on footpaths. Councils can’t remove a bike unless it has been left blocking access for four full days unless it is a serious safety risk, but most share bikes are being moving around in that period. I’ve asked the local government minister to consider regulating the operators with conditions on where bikes can be lawfully left (geofencing). I’ve asked the transport minister to investigate docked share bikes schemes that enable dedicated space for share bikes that don’t impact on footpath access.

I’ve also been submitting questions in Parliament about plans to address community concerns about enforcement, including > HERE, > HERE and > HERE.  

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