Protecting Kosciuszko

Protecting Kosciuszko

The Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project has planning approval but the transmission network to connect it to the grid must still go through an environmental impact assessment process and the focus must be to protect the Kosciuszko National Park from impacts

I recently learnt that TransGrid is proposing to build high-voltage overhead transmission lines through this pristine wilderness area, suspended on sets of massive steel lattice towers up to 75 metres high with easements up to 200 metres wide. One square kilometre of national park will be cleared. Furthermore overhead cables interfere with land and air fire-fighting efforts.

Yet the technology exists to bury the cables underground, producing minimal impact to the national park and a more reliable and efficient power network.

Kosciuszko National Park is a place of significant environmental, scenic and cultural value. It supports threatened and vulnerable species, rare ecosystems, majestic landscapes and Aboriginal heritage. It would be wilful vandalism and short sighted to build such industrially intense infrastructure through this biodiverse rich natural reserve.

I joined all independents from both houses of Parliament to call on the government to direct TransGrid to underground this transmission infrastructure. Our letter to Minister for Energy & Environment > HERE and Letter to Minister for Planning & Public Spaces > HERE.

See the report in the Sydney Morning Herald: > HERE.

Join the National Parks Association campaign: > HERE.              

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!