Stadium Update

Stadium Update

Infrastructure NSW has failed to assess the condition of adjacent homes and the Victoria Barracks in heritage Paddington or Busby’s Bore in the parklands in its pre-construction dilapidation report even though major vibrations from demolishing the 30-year old stadium are expected. Redevelopments of this nature normally ensure a wider assessment but only property immediately surrounding the stadium has been looked at. If cracks in walls or foundations of homes for example are suspected as a result of the works, it will be difficult for property owners to get compensation. I don’t believe Infrastructure NSW is complying with its pre-construction dilapidation assessment consent conditions and have asked the planning minister to urgently intervene before demolition commences. Read my letter HERE

Meanwhile the advocacy group Local Democracy Matters has a court case seeking to halt the demolition, with a temporary injunction imposed over the weekend.

Saving Moore Park has published the stadium Community Consultative Committee members, meetings and the issues raised: HERE and the official summary: HERE

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