Statement from Alex Greenwich MP on Crown Inquiry

Statement from Alex Greenwich MP on Crown Inquiry

In 2013 the NSW Government and Labor Opposition joined forces to rush through legislation to abandon Sydney’s one-casino policy and give public land at Barangaroo, that was dedicated for a public harbour park, to Crown Resorts to build a casino tower.

I opposed the casino along with Independent MP Greg Piper and Greens MP Jamie Parker,  calling for a rigorous and transparent process surrounding the licence, assessment of Crown’s unsolicited proposal and protection of public space.

Today, the Bergin report found Crown Resorts is not currently suitable to hold a casino licence, pointing to systemic issues with Crown’s Melbourne and Perth casinos including evidence of money laundering and poor corporate governance.

A number of the topics covered in the Bergin Report were raised as concerns in my speech to Parliament opposing the casino in 2013.

Our harbour is one of the defining attractions of our city. It should not be turned into Las Vegas. We can’t ignore the strong links between casinos and problem gambling, money laundering and organised crime that inflict significant harm on our communities.

I call on the government to use this report to implement greater scrutiny of the gambling industry and take urgent action to address the industry’s negative social impacts.

The Parliament should never again used to rubber stamp a land grab of our harbour foreshore for private profit through destructive gambling.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!