Call for a State of Emergency for Homelessness

To the NSW Premier

Petition for a State of Emergency for Homelessness

Please treat homelessness as a state emergency and establish an urgent plan to end homelessness in collaboration with all levels of government and homelessness services.

Nearly 40,000 people are homeless in New South Wales and the rate of homelessness is increasing at epidemic levels. There was a 37 per cent jump in homelessness rates between the 2011 and 2016 Census in NSW, which is more than double the increase across the country.

Homelessness is a significant threat to life, safety, health and wellbeing. Without secure and safe housing, disability, health and mental health conditions degenerate and can’t be treated, and new health problems emerge. People are at high risk of violence and intimidation and are more likely to enter the criminal justice system.

Disasters that put lots of lives at risk are declared state emergencies in order to initiate urgent planning to remove hazards and help affected communities recover. Homelessness is putting tens of thousands of lives at risk and needs a similar response.

Will you sign?

It's time for urgent action. We're calling for a state of emergency for homelessness.