Stopping Slavery

Stopping Slavery

Monday 23 July 2018

NSW will have an Anti-Slavery Commissioner to look at risks and prevention methods for ‘modern slavery’ under a Christian Democrat bill that Parliament passed. The law covers sexual servitude, child abuse material, forced labour, forced marriage, child marriage, trafficking and debt bondage. During debate on the bill, I asked that the commissioner investigate vulnerabilities for refugees following cuts to their income and support, and raised concerns that the new commission should not be used as a way to criminalise voluntary sex work. My speech: HERE.

We need to do more to prevent slavery supported by products sold here, such as electronic parts from the Congo or prawns from Thailand, which exposés have shown involve slavery conditions. I hope the commissioner can address this in conjunction with federal modern slavery laws introduced requiring large companies to publish how they prevent modern slavery in their supply chain.

In response to my questions in Parliament, the Minister for Finance, Services and Property says that the NSW Government’s Supplier Code of Practice includes obligations to prevent modern slavery: HERE.

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