Strata Submission

Strata Submission

My submission to Fair Trading’s statutory review of strata laws calls for reforms to protect owners and residents of buildings experiencing dysfunction, maladministration and corruption.

The 2015 reforms resolved many concerns but more is needed to address serious conflict often involving allegations of misused funds or failure to fix common property at the expense of safety and health. I again argued that we need an oversight body to intervene and issue orders in situations where mediation and tribunal action are not appropriate or unlikely to resolve issues. I asked for additional reforms to proxy laws to prevent proxy farming, including limits on proxies from car space owners or company nominees, and preventing small groups of owners banding together to secure a majority. I also called for changes to better facilitate electronic communication and meetings following confusion and problems at the beginning of the pandemic.

Apartment living is the fastest growing form of housing in the state and it is vital that the government works to achieve continuous reform. My submission: > HERE

You can still give feedback about improvements to strata laws until 7 March: > HERE.

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