Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore urges strength and resilience after Martin Place tragedy

(James Gorman, 15 December 2014 Central)

Sydney state independent MP, Alex Greenwich said people should not allow the incident to hinder their plans for the holiday season.

“We have seen how responsive police and anti-terrorism units are when there is a security concern and they were obviously right on top of this incident,” he said.

“I think that we can all take a great deal of faith in knowing our police force and indeed our intelligence and anti-terrorist units will take swift action.

“As a result of this event Sydneysiders will be extra vigilant and I think that’s very important.

“It is also important we acknowledge people will be scared and there is nothing wrong with being scared.

“But we are resilient people who know that we have a police force tasked to keep us safe. One of our greatest strengths is our commitment to multiculturalism and multifaith communities.” 

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