Sydney Theatre Company

Sydney Theatre Company

(Community Recognition Statement, Wednesday 12 May, Legislative Assembly)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate I congratulate the Sydney Theatre Company on the completion of their Wharf Renewal Project. 

Sydney Theatre Company has long been a cornerstone of Sydney's valued arts scene, and The Wharf is a treasured home for creatives and their audiences. The recent major upgrade is The Wharf's first in 33 years, during which time the company's scope has flourished and grown. After extensive consultation with artists, theatre-makers and specialist consultants, the modernisation has reinvigorated the site while preserving the unique character and showcasing the heritage features and iconic harbour views. I recently had the pleasure of visiting STC and saw firsthand how spaces for design, construction, administration, rehearsal and performance have been enhanced in workability, comfort and accessibility. I was pleased to see improvements in staff and audience safety, and environmental innovations like rainwater harvesting and 900 solar panels. The theatres now offer flexible spaces that will significantly broaden STC's capacity to create and deliver distinctive theatrical experiences locally and for the world stage. The completion of Sydney Theatre Company's Wharf Renewal Project sees the return of a welcoming, exciting destination to Sydneysiders and visitors alike.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!