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Supporting Vibrancy

Monday 2 July 2018

Following release of City of Sydney findings that Sydneysiders want longer trading hours, more places to go and more diverse options after dark, I again called on the government to make Sydney’s night time economy an urgent priority.

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Lockout Laws

(Private Members' Statement, 21 June 2018, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

It is four years since the 1.30 a.m. lockouts and 3 a.m. closures were imposed on all licensed venues in the central business district, entertainment, Oxford Street and Kings Cross precincts, and the late‑night economy has been withering since. It is now time to fine‑tune restrictions and make the city an exciting place at night again. The lockout laws provided a useful circuit‑breaker for the then escalating violence and antisocial behaviour associated with late-night hot spots, but they cannot sustainably be retained as standard conditions if we are to have a vibrant and diverse city at night.

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Citizen Blue

Monday 4 June 2018

In response to the lack of bottle and can return depots across the inner city, the Boomerang Alliance has set up a Return and Earn depot at 310 Princes Highway St Peters open to residents and businesses

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Four in Hand

(Community Recognition Statement, 17 May 2018, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Woollahra Residents’ First councillors Harriet Price and Louise Elsing have tabled a notice of motion to get the local council to seek heritage listing, and the mayor and I both hope it will pass unanimously. I have written to the Mayor of Woollahra to look at making changes to the Local Environment Plan to prevent hotels being turned into residences. This campaign isn’t just about saving a pub, it’s about protecting the heritage, diversity, and liveability of historic Paddington, and I toast all those involved in the awesome community campaign. 

Payroll Tax

Tuesday 1 May 2018

I’ve supported the campaign for an increase in the Payroll Tax threshold to support smaller businesses employing staff. The current threshold is $750,000 and I’ve asked the NSW Treasurer to consider increasing this to $1 million and simplifying administration of the tax.

Paddington Pubs

Tuesday 1 May 2018

A number of people have contacted me about the liquor licence removal and sale of the Four in Hand Hotel in Paddington. I’m not aware of any restrictions on this process and have written to Woollahra Council asking for review of the Woollahra LEP to better protect Paddington’s traditional corner hotels. My letter is HERE

There’s an online petition you can sign HERE.



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Night Reforms

Monday 23 April 2018

I remain concerned that Sydney’s late night scenes and opportunities for emerging performance artists are dwindling and I’ve asked to meet with the minister responsible for licensing laws.

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Committee for Late Sydney

Tuesday 10 April 2018

If Sydney is seriously going to be a global city, we need to remove the 1.30am lockout for small bars and well managed venues. The Committee for Sydney’s latest report identified serious concerns with the lockout laws’ impacts on Sydney’s nightlife and made some sensible recommendations for greater diversity of night-time activities and late night transport.

Momentum for reforms to encourage safe night-time events and activities is building. The report is HERE.

Night City

Monday 26 March 2018

The Committee for Sydney’s ‘Sydney as a 24-Hour City’ report identified serious concerns with the lockout laws’ impacts on Sydney’s nightlife.

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Gambling Impacts

Monday 19 March 2018

New South Wales has over 94,000 electronic gaming machines and up to 75 per cent of the money going into these machines comes from moderate risk and problem gamblers. This has led to disastrous social costs including financial ruin, homelessness and broken families.

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