Thank You Sydney

Thank You Sydney

We’re back to work at the Sydney electorate office!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on our campaign to keep Sydney independent and delivered us with a strong mandate to progress action on climate change, affordable housing, ending homelessness, supporting a safe and vibrant nightlife, and long overdue social justice reforms. 

I feel honoured that Sydney voters again elected me to be their Independent voice in the NSW Parliament and advocate for the issues they care about. My video message to constituents and supporters is HERE.

I know there are many who are disappointed with the state-wide result, but I have worked with governments at state and federal levels of varying political make-ups and always achieved progress and outcomes.

Yesterday, along with the other two Independents Greg Piper and Joe McGirr, I met with the Premier to congratulate her on her re-election, discuss the need for parliamentary reform, and establish a good working relationship with her government for the communities we represent. While the Premier can form government in her own right, she has a slim majority and we expressed that we were keen to support confidence and supply for good stable government and would look forward to further discussions with her and her cabinet to address the current challenges facing the state and the priorities of our respective electorates. 

The NSW Electoral Commission lists first preference votes for the Sydney electorate at HERE. You can view the two candidate preference votes for each polling booth in the Sydney electorate at HERE.

Vote counting for the Legislative Council is more complex, with the final list of 21 Legislative Council elected available Friday 12 April. 

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!