The Star Housing

The Star Housing

Investigations into The Star Casino have uncovered serious social, moral and economic concerns and uncertainty about whether the casino is viable without profiting from crime and problem gambling. Impacts for crime, homelessness, domestic violence, family and relationship breakdowns, substance abuse and mental illness have far reaching community costs that outweigh any tax revenue, and the flawed business model undermines The Star’s stability as an employer.

As the Star’s social licence to operate is being questioned, we need to also look at whether a casino is the appropriate use of government owned land that is close to transport, jobs and services and in an area where essential workers and low-income earners are being priced out during a housing affordability crisis. I have asked the government to work with community housing providers, homelessness services and the City of Sydney to investigate repurposing the land for mixed social, affordable, transitional, essential worker, and private housing, with new social infrastructure including schools. My letter > HERE.

The Sydney Morning Herald report > HERE.

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