Thousands Seek To Save Powerhouse Museum

Thousands Seek To Save Powerhouse Museum

25 February 2016

Over ten thousand New South Wales residents have signed a petition to save the Powerhouse Museum, causing the matter to be debated in the New South Wales Parliament today (Thursday the 25th of February) at 4:30pm. 

Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, tabled the petition and said:
“Signatories of the petition and those attending the debate in Parliament come from across New South Wales, including rural and regional NSW and western Sydney”
“We are all united in the importance of retaining the Powerhouse Museum and the government investing in a new internationally significant museum in western Sydney that celebrates its immense contribution to modern Australia”
“I urge the government to step back and think through the short-sighted plans before destroying a cultural institution and giving western Sydney a museum that the they haven’t been able to help shape”  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!