Trans Pride Australia

Trans Pride Australia

(Community Recognition Statement, 12 November 2020, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney electorate I would like to commend the vital work of Trans Pride Australia.

Trans Pride offer online spaces and events that foster community connection and support for trans and gender diverse people, their families, friends and colleagues.

Their online groups dedicated to allies, partners, carers and parents provide vital, safe spaces where people can learn, discuss the challenges and celebrate the joys of sharing life with their trans and gender diverse loved ones.

Trans Pride is made up entirely of committed volunteers that are dedicated to building a national network of organisations that provide clear pathways to trans and gender diverse-friendly resources. Their advocacy work promotes the visibility and rights of trans and gender diverse people as equal citizens of the world and valuable members of our community.

I was honoured to have Trans Pride join us at parliament house last month to celebrate my motion in support of equality, dignity and fairness for the trans and gender diverse communities. A motion that was passed unanimously.

I thank Trans Pride for their ongoing efforts to support the extended trans and gender diverse community, and their promotion of safety and inclusion for all people.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!