Trans Respect and Dignity

Trans Respect and Dignity

Last week’s descent into slugging the trans and gender diverse communities was a new low in the federal election campaign that unfortunately bled into state politics.

The Premier’s backing the slogan that ‘boys should play boys, girls should play girls’ showed lack of understanding and insensitivity but worse, was cruel and harmful to some of the state’s most vulnerable people.

Laws and guidelines already exist to help navigate transgender participation in sport and sporting codes, schools and clubs across the state and country have been supporting transgender involvement for years. Sports Australia recognises the importance of diversity in sport and ensuring everyone, regardless of gender can join in.

For the Premier to suddenly claim transgender women pose a threat to sport and should be excluded contributed to already existing stigma and discrimination that has led to high rates of self-harm and attempted suicide. I am especially worried about young people who often face harassment and bullying at school and need to be included in activities like everyone else.

Leaders should treat transgender people with respect and dignity, talk to them and their families to understand the challenges they face, and work together to support their participation in all aspects of life, including sport. I will meet with the Premier this week, joined by trans advocates and sport representatives to ask him to understand and support transgender communities.

I am sorry that transgender people, especially transgender young people, and their families have had to endure such ignorant and divisive comments against them. I want you to know that I have many colleagues in Parliament from across the political spectrum who respect and want to support you. I will continue to work for your dignity and rights. There is support for those impacted by the repeated abuse and discrimination > HERE.

You can read my op-ed in Sydney Morning Herald > HERE  and the excellent op-ed by my colleague Felicity Wilson, the Liberal Member for North Sydney > HERE.

Get the facts > HERE. Sign the open letter calling for all political parties to treat LGBTIQ+ people with dignity and respect > HERE.

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