Update 149

2 December 2015

Community Building Grants, Powerhouse 10,000, High School Consultation, Tenancy Act Review, Indigenous Youth in Prison, Doing Darlo and Gala Picnic in the Park


I’m pleased to announce successful Community Building Partnership capital grants totalling $200,000 to organisations in my electorate. In 2016, grants will help six upgrade projects: Pyrmont Heritage Boating clubhouse; Oasis Youth Support Surry Hills courtyard; Sydney Writer’s Festival touring ‘Russ the Bus’; Disability lift at the Sydney Jewish Museum; Mission Australia Centre Surry Hills air-conditioning; and Holdsworth Centre Woollahra playground.


The latest annual report shows a 12 per cent jump in attendance at the Powerhouse Museum, undermining the government case for moving the museum and selling the site. Join me at the Save the Powerhouse event on Friday 4 December 6-8pm. Our 10,000 signature petition will be debated in Parliament on Thursday 25 February.  


The Department of Education has contracted Root Projects Australia as project managers for the new high school consultation and design. They are holding an information booth at Central Railway Station 8.30-10.30am on Thursday 3 December and monthly sessions at different times in early 2016. There will be workshops for the community input. For details contact Kerry Ross on 9251 8040 or ross.k@rootprojects.com.au.


NSW Fair Trading is reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, with a Discussion Paper and call for feedback on how the law works, including comment on leases, bonds, rents, terminations and disputes. This may be an opportunity to give tenants more security and surety with rent increases. The Tenants Union report on some of the needed changes is HERE. Comments close 29 January, information HERE


Amnesty International reports show that Indigenous young people are 26 times more likely to be in detention than non-Indigenous young people, make up nearly 60 per cent of those in detention and account for almost all the increase in children in detention reported by BOCSAR. In response to my representations to get action, the Minister for Police and Justice reported on progress under the NSW Aboriginal Youth Justice Plan.

I’ve asked the NSW Attorney General to review legislation that impacts on Indigenous young people including changes to bail laws to give priority to young people who may be imprisoned with adults and make 12 years of age the time when criminal responsibility applies, as agreed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

My request, the minister’s response and the Amnesty International report are available HERE.  


Darlinghurst businesses are holding special Christmas activities throughout the day on Saturday 5th December, information HERE.  


Book now or buy a ticket for a volunteer to attend the gala fundraising picnic in Centennial Park to celebrate the volunteers and partnerships that enable Pets in the Park to help homeless people look after their pets. I’ll be opening the picnic to show my support for their work Sunday 13 December 11am-3pm. Tickets available HERE.