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Monday 9 May 2016

High School Update, Crime Prevention Orders, Container Deposits, Robyn Kemmis Tribute, Woolloomooloo Water, Enrol to Vote, Marriage Equality Stories and Planning Parks for People

High School Update

I welcome the announcement that the government will move the Intensive English High School to an upgraded Alexandria Park Community School Mitchell Road campus and build a new $60 million 1,200 student high school on the Cleveland Street site to open in 2020. The next step will expand Alexandria Park for up to 2,200 primary and secondary students to open by 2022.

There has been a strong community campaign to get new schools to meet massive growth in demand and I congratulate the advocates who have been working to get government action. The community must be involved with school design – we need well-designed, cutting edge facilities that meet the highest sustainability standards. The media release is HERE

Crime Prevention Orders

The government created a new ‘serious crime prevention order’ to significantly restrict or mandate the movement, association and ownership of suspects based on unreliable evidence and low thresholds of risk. I opposed the bill, which assumes that all suspects are guilty and fair trials get in the way of catching criminals – this is how dictatorships operate, not healthy democracies! My speech is HERE

Container Deposits

The environment finally got some good news with the state government committing to a container deposit system by mid next year. The scheme adds a 10-cent levy to drink containers which gets refunded when it is presented for recycling. We have too much plastic in our environment and container deposits have proven to boost recycling rates. I’ve been pushing for a scheme since my election and I congratulate the government for prioritising community and environment.

Robyn Kemmis Tribute

In Parliament, I put on record my sadness about the death of Deputy Lord Mayor Robyn Kemmis, who inspired many people to work for social justice. I committed to continuing her work to make the city a fairer and better place. My speech is HERE.

Woolloomooloo Water

Sydney Water plans a major project to separate stormwater and sewerage pipes in Woolloomooloo and parts of East Sydney and Darlinghurst. This should address the long term problems in Woolloomooloo with flooding and sewerage overflows. My submission requests strong protections for residents affected by noise, consideration about on-street parking needs and respite accommodation in emergency situations.

My letter is HERE and further information HERE

Enrol to Vote

The federal election is now confirmed for Saturday 2 July. The deadline to enrol or update your details is 8pm Monday 23 May, information HERE.

Marriage Equality Stories

My oped about the campaign for marriage equality reminds us that respectful conversations and personal stories will win over the hearts and minds of Australians from all walks of life. Read it HERE

Planning Parks for People

The next CityTalk Tuesday 17 May 2016 6.30-8pm will examine planning for parks, open and recreational space is critical to ensure that a sustainable and healthy city. It’s free but you have to book HERE.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!