Update Issue 152

18 January 2016

This Issue: Westconnex Park Grab, Forced Out Documentary, Sydney Push Campaign and SGLBA New Business Event

Here is an update of the work I have been doing for the parliament and the community, and information on how you can get involved in local activities.  


New information shows that the Westconnex project will take even more of Sydney Park for new roads, with another 350 trees and 6,000m2 of land added to the 8,000m2 already allocated. While this is outside the Sydney electorate, WestConnex will have major traffic and amenity impacts across the inner city, which I raised in Parliament last year, read my speech HERE.

I urge everyone concerned to make submissions on the Environmental Impact Statement HERE. MP Jenny Leong has an easy online form to do this too, click HERE.

It will to require a massive community campaign to get changes that focus on much-needed public transport instead of bringing even more traffic into the city. The Westconnex community campaign groups are  www.westconnexactiongroup.org.au  and http://westconnex.info/.


‘Forced Out’ shows the lives of residents inside the Millers Point social housing selloff, and their fight for social justice and heritage. The film’s director Blue Lucine needs help to fund the editing of this important documentary. You can donate HERE.  

I continue to work with the Millers Point Community Working Party to retain social housing in the precinct and to enable vulnerable tenants to stay. 


A new campaign group advocating for bike riders and safe cycling is holding a rally against the massive fine increases and ID requirements for cyclists. Global cities around the world are encouraging cycling yet the state government is introducing new measures to make it harder.  Rally Saturday 23 January, details available HERE.  


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Business Association is holding free event ‘Starting a business: Tips, tricks, and common pitfalls’ Tuesday 2 February at 5.30pm. Details HERE