Update Issue 160

Update Issue 160

15 March 2016

Opposing Woollahra Amalgamation, Homelessness ActionRailway Corridors and Upcoming Events


Residents of Woollahra council overwhelmingly don’t want their local government area merged with Randwick and Waverly and in Parliament I again called on the government to honour their wishes during debate on a petition signed by 10,000 petitioners. The proposed merger risks higher rates, reduced heritage protections and loss of grassroots representation. Woollahra is a unique area and there is no social or economic reason to change its local governance structure.

My speech:  www.alexgreenwich.com/local_government_amalgamations_debate


In response to my question in Parliament about the increasing number of people sleeping rough, the Minister for Family and Community Services and Social Housing identified the complex needs of some people needing a home, recent innovative responses to help, but also the need to do more.  

My question: www.alexgreenwich.com/crisis_housing


The government pushed through new laws that enable it to bypass Parliament and close railway corridors with the transport minister’s approval if it’s for state significant infrastructure development. During debate I argued that closure of railways can exclude future governments’ transport options therefore Parliament remains the best body to assess and approve decisions. 

My speech: www.alexgreenwich.com/transport_administration_amendment


Millers Point Anniversary Rally

I’ll join the Millers Point community for their anniversary rally and march protesting the loss of social housing for about 500 people from this precinct, marking two years since the announcement. Join us Saturday 19 March from 12noon at the Old Fire Station, 166 Kent Street. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/928080423973391/

Earth Hour

Saturday 19 March 8.30pm is Earth Hour, when switching off your lights helps show decision makers that you support strong action on climate change. People from more than 170 countries take part in this annual event. Details: https://earthhour.org.au/home/

Palm Sunday Rally

This year’s Palm Sunday rally at 1pm Sunday 20 March, Belmore Park is calling for the 267 asylum seekers from Nauru and Manus Island stay in Australia, and the government to close Manus Island and Nauru and end mandatory detention. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/525577767609448/

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