Urgent: Help Save Sydney Waters

Urgent: Help Save Sydney Waters

Sydney’s coastline is the envy of the world but its biodiversity is under threat. Our fish species have few safe havens to recover and risk future collapse from a range of threats including overfishing, climate change and pollution.

I’ve been campaigning for a marine park for Sydney since I was elected and four years ago the government committed to a consultation process in response to my question in Parliament. Recently the government released a draft proposal to set up 17 sanctuary zones between Newcastle and Wollongong representing only 4.6 per cent of waters, yet a massive misinformation campaign is scaring recreational fishers into believing fishing will be banned across the whole region, when 95 per cent of waters will be open to fishing.

Science shows that sanctuary zones dramatically increase the number and size of fish in adjacent waters, which quickly become the best fishing spots. We urgently need to tell the government that the proposed sanctuary zones have community support and are vital to Sydney’s long term future.

Complete the online survey HERE. This video can help you do it HERE or use the template for submissions at HERE.

Call the Premier to make sure she knows you care: phone 8574 5000.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!