Vaccination Begins

Vaccination Begins

There’s an agreed federal-state-territory plan for COVID vaccinations, with priority given to those at higher risk of exposure or health impacts, with initial groups vaccinated now: HERE. Use the eligibility checker to find out when you will be able to be vaccinated: > HERE.

There has been false and misleading information about vaccines. You can get the evidence-based information from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which reviews the evidence to check if each vaccine is safe and protects against the virus: > HERE.

While there’s been no community transmission for some time, please keep up the good hygiene and distancing to prevent transmission of COVID. Get tested if you have COVID symptoms: > HERE.

We’ve been going very well with containing this disease and need to keep up the efforts while vaccination is rolled out and community-level protection gained.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!