Vaccine Facts

Vaccine Facts

Constituents have been asking me where you can find facts about the COVID vaccines so they can check whether what people think is true is actually a fact.

There’s a list of common questions here, translated into 63 languages > HERE. You can also subscribe to get updates > HERE.

There’s also good information on ABC > HERE and SBS > HERE.

I welcome the additional Moderna vaccines now becoming available and changes that allow 12-16 year olds to also be able to get vaccinated > HERE. Vaccines are safe and effective: they significantly reduce your chances of getting or transmitting COVID, as well as the chances of getting seriously ill and dying. I urge everyone who can, to get vaccinated.  

As COVID cases are now occurring more often in the inner city, learn what needs to happen if you get COVID including isolation and watching out for serious disease > HERE. You can keep up to date with the COVID cases and vaccination by postcode – see the maps > HERE.

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