Voluntary Assisted Dying

Voluntary Assisted Dying

The Legislative Assembly finally began debate on my Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill and it looks like we could get to a vote in the next two weeks.

So far 31 members have spoken: 20 in favour and 11 against. There are 93 members in the house altogether so things are hopeful but not certain. I am working with colleagues to ensure that any genuine concerns about the details in the bill can be addressed through amendments. I will not support any amendments designed by opponents purely to limit access to those who meet the strict eligibility criteria.

I joined my independent colleague Greg Piper to welcome support for the bill from around 30 peak health, legal, human rights, and social justice organisations. The groups have formed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Alliance with Dying with Dignity NSW and Go Gentle Australia. The alliance shows the broad section of support and can provide a wealth or resources for members of Parliament. > HERE.  

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!