Water Wise Sydney

Water Wise Sydney

(Community Recognition Statement, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

On behalf of the Sydney Electorate I commend City of Sydney efforts to reuse and conserve water.

A decade ago, the City of Sydney under Lord Mayor Clover Moore's leadership developed a Decentralised Water Master Plan in response to evidence that water supply and rainfall would drop as a result of climate change. Since then, the City has carried out major projects to reduce water use, recycle water and reuse stormwater, including the Sydney Park Water Harvesting Scheme, Green Square Town Centre Water Re-Use scheme and recycled water pipelines in George Street and Wynyard Walk installed during light rail construction.

Over 20 small parks have had alternative water sources installed or upgraded, over 250 rain gardens that clean stormwater runoff have been installed and 47 Gross Pollutant Traps preventing hundreds of tonnes of litter from entering our waterways are in place. Now the City will work with Sydney Water to help building owners reduce water waste and improve water efficiency, including recycled water use and dual plumbing in the massive Waterloo Estate redevelopment.

This is vital work on the driest continent facing more serious and more regular droughts, it is vital that this work continue.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!