Women of Pyrmont

Women of Pyrmont

(Community Recognition Statement, Tuesday 06 April 2017, Legislative Assembly NSW Parliament)

I speak about the inspiring women Elders of Pyrmont, whose stories are in a new book ‘Women of Pyrmont’ I was proud to help launch last night.

These stories tell us about how they built community in this most densely populated area urban redevelopment area. They are women of different backgrounds, from many different countries and different lives; representing a microcosm of Sydney. They all contribute to and join activities around Jacksons Landing and the Pyrmont Community Centre, showing that community is not the buildings or the roads, but what people make happen. The stories remind us about the importance of people welcoming, supporting and caring for each other. They also show the vital role of a place for people to get together, socialise, hold events and organise – in this case the City of Sydney’s Pyrmont Community Centre. 

Congratulations to everyone who contributed, especially to editors Barbara Thompson and Leone Huntsman who have captured the spirit of the women of Pyrmont. 




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