Women's Electoral Lobby

Women's Electoral Lobby

(Community Recognition Statement, March 18 2021, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

OnĀ behalf of the Sydney electorate, I acknowledge the dedicated work and advocacy of the Women's Electoral Lobby [WEL].

Since 1972, WEL has been a powerful advocate for women in policy development, law reform and community education. WEL's focus on anti-discrimination and equal opportunities for women has contributed to vital reforms to address domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape, and workplace discrimination. I witnessed firsthand the instrumental role WEL played during the campaign for abortion law reform. WEL brought health, welfare, community, legal and medical professionals together to provide a common voice for reform, plus support and advice to members wanting to be advocates. Since this win, WEL has worked on the over-representation of women experiencing unemployment, homelessness and poverty, and to women's safety in the workplace, educational institutions and the home. WEL supports women in leadership and public office, where more equal gender representation will improve governance and change cultures. We've been reminded again that equality, justice and safety remain something to fight for and I thank the Women's Electoral Lobby for nearly 40 years relentlessly fighting for women's equality and helping to create a better, safer society for all.

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!