World Congress of Families

World Congress of Families

(Notice of Motion, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament)

Mr Alex Greenwich to move —

That this House:

  1. Condemns the World Congress of Families for promoting reparative therapy as a medical option, and suggesting that through medical and psychological treatment a person's sexual orientation can be changed.
  2. Notes that the Australian Psychological Society has referred to such treatment as harmful, and that reparative therapists have not produced any rigorous scientific research to substantiate their claims.
  3. Notes that you cannot pray the gay away.
  4. Notes that the World Congress of Families is mis-representing the views of a clear majority of Christians who value and love the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.
  5. Calls on the board of Australian Technology Park to ensure that no favourable treatment will be provided to the World Congress of Families for their upcoming conference

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