Wrong Westconnex

Wrong Westconnex

23 May 2016

In Parliament I supported The Greens’ Government Information (Public Access) Amendment (Sydney Motorway Corporation) Bill, which would allow public access to documents for the WestConnex project. The government used its numbers to defeat the bill. WestConnex is publicly funded and the community bears the risks and impacts but the government has hidden details by transferring functions to the private Sydney Motorway Corporation. My speech is HERE

The Commonwealth Auditor-General is investigating the $3.5 billion federal funding to the destructive WestConnex toll-road and the City of Sydney has called on the Federal Government and Opposition to halt the project and is considering legal action following Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s request. I oppose this destructive project which will bring more traffic congestion to the inner city and CBD. Support the Westconnex Action Group campaign which is seeking volunteers to help, information HERE.    

Let's work together to celebrate and protect our great city!