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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Key Issues

Public high schools in the local area are full or fast filling up and families need new options. In Parliament I asked the Education Minister to allow Sydney Boys High School to increase local enrolments to provide additional capacity for the area. The Minister said he would consider the suggestion, which has the support of the school’s headmaster, and the parents and citizens association. Following a meeting with the Minister, Education Department, and City of Sydney a working party has been established to address the growing education needs of inner city families.

High School Update

9 May 2016 I welcome the announcement that the government will move the Intensive English High School to an upgraded Alexandria Park Community School Mitchell Road campus and build a new $60 million 1,200 student high school on the Cleveland Street site to open in 2020. The next step will expand Alexandria Park for up to 2,200 primary and secondary students to open by 2022. There has been a strong community campaign to get new schools to meet massive growth in demand and I congratulate the advocates who have been working to get government action. The community must be involved with school design – we need well-designed, cutting edge facilities that meet the highest sustainability standards. The media release is HERE. 

High Schools Welcomed

4 May 2016 I welcome much-needed action to provide inner city high school places. There has been a strong community campaign to get investment in new schools to meet massive growth in demand. This announcement vindicates the advocates who have been working to get government action. Media reports show how vital new schools are for inner Sydney – more families with children are moving into the inner city and their kids need school places. Current schools are full or filling fast and we urgently need new schools. I understand that the department will move the Intensive English High School to the Mitchell Road campus of Alexandria Park Community School, build a 1,200 student high school at Cleveland Street to open in 2020, and then expand the Alexandria Park K-12 school. The community will want to be involved with the design and to protect heritage buildings and prevent amenity impacts. We’ll all be looking for well-designed, cutting edge facilities that meet the highest sustainability standards. There will be pressure to have the new facility built to open in time. I’ll be working with the government to get the best outcomes for students and community. 

REELise Film Festival 2016

4 April 2016 This year, I’m again supporting the REELISE pocket film festival, and will join the awards night this Saturday 9 April from 5.30pm at Event Cinemas Bondi Junction. Details HERE
My latest actions on Education.
I want to ensure Sydney is sustainable for the future, and will advocate for action on climate change, while ensuring the government gives households support and information to save money on electricity and gas bills. I will campaign hard for NSW to embrace renewable energy.

Forest Logging Report

16 May 2016 Last week I helped the National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council launch a report that shows devastating destruction to our native forests by Regional Forest Agreements (RFA), which allow logging to clear habitat needed by threatened and vulnerable species. The report shows that improving protection would create massive social, economic and environmental benefits including in tourism and carbon sequestration. RFAs are being extended in Tasmania without any assessment and I encourage you to ask the Premier to abandon this model in NSW contact HERE. Links to the report are available HERE.

Container Deposits

9 May 2016 The environment finally got some good news with the state government committing to a container deposit system by mid next year. The scheme adds a 10-cent levy to drink containers which gets refunded when it is presented for recycling. We have too much plastic in our environment and container deposits have proven to boost recycling rates. I’ve been pushing for a scheme since my election and I congratulate the government for prioritising community and environment.

Woolloomooloo Water

9 May 2016 Sydney Water plans a major project to separate stormwater and sewerage pipes in Woolloomooloo and parts of East Sydney and Darlinghurst. This should address the long term problems in Woolloomooloo with flooding and sewerage overflows. My submission requests strong protections for residents affected by noise, consideration about on-street parking needs and respite accommodation in emergency situations. My letter is HERE and further information HERE. 
My latest actions on Environment.
As a member of the NSW Cross-Party Marriage Equality I am working to progress same-sex marriage in NSW. Soon I will introduce amendments to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act to end discrimination against NSW LGBTI high School Students. The NSW Parliament recently unanimously supported my motions welcoming openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson to NSW and acknowledging the important work done by ACON towards HIV/AIDS prevention and education. I am also working towards greater recognition and protection for the Trans and Intersex communities in NSW laws.


16 May 2016 The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is on 17 May. Show you support diversity and inclusion HERE.

Marriage Equality Stories

9 May 2016 My oped about the campaign for marriage equality reminds us that respectful conversations and personal stories will win over the hearts and minds of Australians from all walks of life. Read it HERE. 

Community Grants latest round

2 May 2016 Social Housing Community Improvement Fund Grants are open for social housing communities to improve community facilities and open space, improve resident safety or better integrate social housing and the surrounding community. Details are HERE. City of Sydney Grants programs for building energy and water savings, innovation and matching grants are open now. Check the guidelines for each program if you have project ideas and seek a grant HERE.  Transurban offers small grants for social and environmental benefits for communities where they manage roads. Details HERE.   I was pleased to attend the cheque handover last week for $3,000 to the Haymarket Foundation to support their medical help and crisis accommodation for homeless people. ACON has small grants to support community events for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) on 17 May. Information HERE.  There is a good database of funding sources online at
My latest actions on Equality.