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Alex is committed to government transparency and accountability; protecting the natural and urban environments, open space and Sydney’s unique heritage; retaining inner city social and affordable housing; the humane treatment of animals; improving transport options; and fairness and equality for the LGBTI communities.

Key Issues

I want to ensure Sydney is sustainable for the future, and will advocate for action on climate change, while ensuring the government gives households support and information to save money on electricity and gas bills. I will campaign hard for NSW to embrace renewable energy.

Improve Sydney’s Marine Biodiversity

18 November 2014 Learn about the Flowerpot Project, which creates artificial rock pools on seawalls to improve Sydney’s marine biodiversity. Express your views about the harbour environment through the survey HERE. Project details HERE.   

Marine Estate Management

(Questions Without Notice, 5 November 2014, Legislative Assembly, NSW Parliament) My question is directed to the Minister for Primary Industries. What is the status of the Government's response to the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel's advice on the impacts of the amnesty on recreational fishing in shoreline sanctuary zones? When will the advice from 12 months ago be published?

Host a Climate Change Event

4 November 2014 During the G20 Summit, citizens will be holding their own events to discuss climate change because it is not on the world leaders’ agenda. You could host an event between Wednesday 12 and Saturday 15 November. Details HERE.
My latest actions on Environment.
As a member of the NSW Cross-Party Marriage Equality I am working to progress same-sex marriage in NSW. Soon I will introduce amendments to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act to end discrimination against NSW LGBTI high School Students. The NSW Parliament recently unanimously supported my motions welcoming openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson to NSW and acknowledging the important work done by ACON towards HIV/AIDS prevention and education. I am also working towards greater recognition and protection for the Trans and Intersex communities in NSW laws.

No lockout exemption for MardiGras night

(Matt Akersten, 3 December 2014, Same Same) Even though Sydney’s 1:30am bar and club lockout laws will be eased on New Year’s Eve, a statement from the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing makes it clear that no such leniency is possible for Mardi Gras weekend. Same Same contacted the NSW Minister for Liquor, Gaming and Racing after Sydney MP Alex Greenwich said he was seeking an exception to the 1:30am lockout laws for Mardi Gras big parade and party night, which is a big tourist draw for the city. Read article HERE.

federal marriage equality bill

4 December 2014 The announcement of a new federal marriage equality bill by Senator Leyonhjelm could mean we get marriage equality in 2015. Now is the time to support Australian Marriage Equality’s campaign on winning over the hearts and minds of undecided MPs and activating community campaigns across Australia. They have started a fundraising campaign to help make marriage equality happen. You can support it HERE

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras season is beginning soon!

4 December 2014 Along with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, I continue to champion and celebrate Sydney's LGBTIQ communities and would love you to join us on our 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade entry on Saturday 7 March, 2015. Join Alex & Clover's Mardi Gras Parade entry HERE
My latest actions on Equality.
Public high schools in the local area are full or fast filling up and families need new options. In Parliament I asked the Education Minister to allow Sydney Boys High School to increase local enrolments to provide additional capacity for the area. The Minister said he would consider the suggestion, which has the support of the school’s headmaster, and the parents and citizens association. Following a meeting with the Minister, Education Department, and City of Sydney a working party has been established to address the growing education needs of inner city families.

Ageing Darlinghurst Courthouse earmarked as ideal site to house inner-city Sydney high school

(Jessica Clement, 9 December 2014,  Wentworth Courier) After 172 years of dealing with the worst of Sydney criminals, the Darlinghurst Courthouse could be reappropriated as the site of a new high school. The court is ideally located, contains its own green space and would be an opportunity to activate Oxford St, said Sydney State Independent MP Alex Greenwich, who has officially endorsed it as his preferred home for inner-city students. “It’s centrally located and it has come to the end of its life as a law court,” he said. Read full article HERE.

Ultimo Public School follow up

Read my letter to the Minister for Education on the need for a new Ultimo Public School HERE.

inner city high schools and new Ultimo primary school

4 December 2014 I spoke at the community meeting last week following the shock announcement by the government that they breaking their commitment and were not going ahead with the Wattle Street site for a new Ultimo primary school. I got the Department representative to agree to come back to the school in Term 1 next year and start working on a new solution. The department’s report on inner city high schools should go to the Minister for Education by the end of the year.
My latest actions on Education.