Alex Greenwich — Your local Member

Alex Greenwich MP is the Independent Member for Sydney in the NSW Parliament, first elected in 2012. He is committed to working for a liveable, sustainable, and progressive Sydney for all.

Alex is the Chairperson of the NSW Legislative Assembly’s very active Environment and Planning Committee and a member of the Premier’s Homelessness Council.

Alex was the co-chair of the successful YES campaign that delivered marriage equality in 2017, a movement he led for over a decade and co-authored “Yes, Yes, Yes: Australia’s Journey to Marriage Equality”. He participated in the 2nd series of “Filthy, Rich, and Homeless” on SBS to bring awareness to Australia’s homelessness crisis. Alex has addressed international conferences and legislatures on Human Rights, LGBTIQA+ equality, and effective campaigning. In 2019 Alex introduced the co-sponsored Reproductive Healthcare Reform Bill which decriminalised abortion in NSW. 

Contact Alex or follow him online here.