Parliamentary Petitions

Petitions help get action from decision makers by showing that large numbers of people are concerned about an issue.

I present petitions each sitting day in Parliament to keep issues active and remind Government and MPs of the need for action. Ministers are required to give a written response for petitions with 500 or more signatures and I can move for debate on petitions with over 10,000 signatures. All petition responses are published on Parliament NSW website HERE.

You can help by collecting signatures on my petitions. Click on a link below to download, print and sign a petition. Petitions are in PDF format. Call my Electorate Office if you cannot download the petition you need and my staff will send you copies, telephone 9267 5999.

NSW Parliament rules do not allow electronic petitions:

  • Each page of signatures must be headed with the words of the petition.
  • Every signature must be original hand-writing, and signatures must not be pasted on, photocopied or transferred in any other way.
  • Every person signing a petition must write their address next to their signature.

Send signed petitions to my Electorate Office: 21 Oxford Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010.





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Community Petitions


Click HERE to view information on NSW Parliament rules for submitting petitions